“Sound is an elusive topic to describe verbally. You must hear these speakers to understand the full impact of their musical magic.
I’ll attest, right here, that Kaiser Kawero!® speakers are at the top of my list.ˮ

Jim Merod (Positive Feedback, Issue 51)


Variable time alignment and radiation direction of the custom RAAL ribbon tweeter.

Audiotechnology midrange and rear firing woofer with proprietary customised characteristics.

Duelund CAST inductors capacitors and Mundorf silver/gold/oil capacitors, in a time, phase and resonance-optimised characteristics.

3D computer designed cabinet, made from an incredibly rigid, tough and well-damped type of beech ply called tankwood.

Louis Motek, owner of LessLoss and a very good friend was very engaged in working out a detailled technical research of this material. The result can be found here: The Virtues of Panzerholz. Thank you very much Louis !

All produced in-house using state-of-the-art CNC machines, and assembled to the finest tolerances achievable today.

Technical Specifications

3-way design (reflex loaded midrange and woofer)

Bandwidth: 25 Hz to 60 kHz

Sensitivity: 92 dB @ 2,83 V / 1 m

Impedance: 6 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum

Input Power: 20 watts minimum

Connectors: single wiring (bi-wiring on request)

Height: 47.6 in (121 cm)
Width: 13.0 in (33 cm)
Depth: 19.4 in (49 cm)

Weight: 218.3 lbs (99 kg) each


Kawero! comes custom-tailored to your needs. You can select from a great variety of veneers or colours of course – but its not only a matter of finish. Acoustic fine-tuning is individual and there are three custom woofers to choose from, so depending on the reverberation time of your listening room (and your listening preferences) we will select a matching woofer, tune the port frequencies and the midrange passive radiator to optimise the sound.

You can also consider the external crossover option which brings further significant improvements to the whole speaker package.

External Crossover Option

This uses the same crossover components and circuit design, built into a stand-alone tankwood structure that isolates the crossover from the high air pressure changes and cabinet energy found within the speakers.

The structure is also designed to minimise resonance and vibration between the crossover components, and electro-magnetic coupling, through the extensive application of proprietary anti-microphony and anti-RFI techniques from Vertex AQ.